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“Every Doctor” is about thriving in medicine and includes contributions from doctors all over the world. By working together, every doctor can discover and rediscover joy in medicine, create a healthier medical culture, and lead positive changes in their workplaces. The book is a must-read for doctors of all specialties at all stages of their careers wherever they practise around the globe.

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 “As we immerse ourselves into this wonderful account of our work and challenges as doctors, and reflect upon our personal lives as well as our physical and mental health, we appreciate more and more that everyone should have a family doctor. Michael and Leanne are indeed the best family doctors to author Every Doctor because they have demonstrated in this book how much they understand about us as medical practitioners, as leaders and advocates, and about our journeys and our future. They share precious experience and offer precious advice.” Dr Donald Li (Hong Kong, China), President, World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA), 2018-2020

“I am delighted that Drs Rowe and Kidd have written another golden book for doctors on mental well-being and cultural change. Once again, they have used their considerable expertise to hit the mark. It will join their first book on my bookshelf and I suggest other doctors do the same.” Dr Geoffrey Toogood, cardiologist, mental health advocate and founder of #crazysocks4docs

 Every Doctor spoke to me deeply and personally – listening to its wisdom, touching me in areas of meaning and significance in my life as a physician, medical leader and human being.  Emphasizing how important it is to care for each other as we face the challenges of 21st Century medical practice, I felt cared for, much like I do when visiting my personal family doctor.  Every Doctor will speak to you as well.” Associate Professor Sandy Buchman, Family Physician Practising in Palliative Care, President-Elect of the Canadian Medical Association

“If you ever feel like giving up medicine – and all of us have those sorts of days – then this remarkable, courageous and joyful book is the one for you.” Dr Iona Heath CBE, President, Royal College of General Practitioners (2009-2012)

“Sometimes we read to escape from the demands of our daily lives – and sometimes we read in order to refresh our practice; to gain renewed understanding and take new opportunities. This book will challenge, question and support us to be more aware of both the risks we run as doctors, and how we can deal with them effectively and fruitfully. Read it alone, or with colleagues, and then discuss – it will be worth it.” Professor Amanda Howe OBE, President, World Organisation of Family Doctors (WONCA), 2016-2018

“With intelligence and keen insight based on extensive clinical, organisational and life experience, Drs Leanne Rowe and Michael Kidd deliver a powerful wake-up call to doctors. Writing with warmth and empathy but no holds barred, they ask us to ‘get our own house in order’ for the benefit of all involved. I believe that doctors throughout the world will appreciate their efforts and resonate with the quality and character of the work.” Professor David Bennett, Senior Staff Specialist in Adolescent Medicine, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network, Australia

“As implicit in the title the book reaches out to every doctor from recent graduates to the experienced –general practitioner and specialist. The message is universal, timeless and challenging.” Emeritus Professor John Murtagh, Department of General Practice, School of Primary Health Care, Faculty of Medicine Nursing and Health Sciences, Monash University, Australia

Section 1: Every doctor, mentally and physically healthier

  1. Transcending challenges with a ‘mighty purpose’
  2. Experiencing joy and beauty in medicine
  3. Taking control of our time
  4. Strengthening our personal resilience
  5. Nurturing strong relationships at home
  6. Trusting our own doctor
  7. Prioritising our wellness and physical health
  8. Dealing with immense stress
  9. Living with grief and loss
  10. Seeking help for mental health problems early

Section 2: Every doctor working together to create a healthier medical culture

  1. Creating healthier clinical teams
  2. Managing challenging behaviours together
  3. Learning from complaints and clinical errors to change systems
  4. Calling out conscious and unconscious bias
  5. Eliminating sexual harassment, discrimination and bullying
  6. Preventing and managing patient initiated violence
  7. Supporting a colleague through serious mental illness
  8. Looking after our physical environment

Section 3: Every doctor leading and influencing positive changes in their workplaces

  1. Medical leadership research
  2. Practical aspects of medical leadership
  3. Contributing to global, national and local medical membership organisations
  4. The why and how of healthier everyday medical leadership.

Published by CRC Press | Taylor & Francis Group UK September 2018

To order with discount go to and use code ADS19

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